20 Things to do before I Graduate – SMASH Book #2 & #3

Here’s another post for my ‘20 Things to do before I Graduate’ SMASH book!

These two happened a few months ago now, but I only managed to get them done this week! I’m actually pretty happy with both pages – I’ve decided that I love using brads! I tried to do a narrative for these videos but I’m just so awkward! Maybe next time… Enjoy!

#2 – Go Bowling. We did this for a flatmates birthday, and although I lost it was okay!

The video:

#3 – Have a HP Marathon. Okay so 4 films isn’t the full 8, but a whole day of watching Harry Potter equals a marathon to me… It sure took most of the day!

The video:

Do I have any SMASHers following? I’d love to see some blogs/videos… I’m constantly watching on youtube, but I feel like I’ve seen everything! Literally check each week for new videos and watch them. I’m obsessed!