Christmas Memories // #4 of Blogmas ’16

My favourite thing about Christmas time is that you just get to probably have time off with family. We’re all 20+ in my family so each person is working full time, my sister doesn’t live with us any more and we just don’t really spend that much time together as a five. Christmas is just always a good laugh.

Christmas Memories // #4 of Blogmas '16

If I’m being honest, I don’t have that many memories that really stand out because everything just blends into one. I’m one of those who can remember the house phone number of someone I used to hang around with in high school, but not the important things. Anyway, here are some of my favourites that I can remember!

A Stupid Art Set

Okay this is one of the most hilarious memories I have, ever. I don’t even know if it will be funny to anyone else, but basically it’s something my brother said when he was younger. We were opening presents on Christmas morning and he unwrapped an art set. Sounding really excited, he shouted ‘I got a stupid art set!!’ and well, we were all a little confused because he seemed super happy. Turns out it was called a ‘Studio Art Set’ and he just couldn’t read properly…

Charlie and the Christmas Tree

Anyone who has cats will know that they like to get in everything. Everything. Charlie loved the tree. She’d be underneath it, she’d be inside it, climbing up at high as she could. One year she brought the whole thing down and well, I don’t think she’s ever gone back in! Now Charlie will just attempt to get in any box she sees as we’re pulling out the decorations. This year she sat in the biggest box and half a good hours sleep in there. Cats eh?

Christmas Memories // #4 of Blogmas '16

Early Rises

I think we were pretty good at this (though my parents may remember differently…) but I think we generally got up between 7/8am? Maybe? At the older ages any way… One year though, my brother and I were both in the same bedroom and I remember us waking up and getting excited about there being stockings stuffed with presents at the end of the bed. Of course we tore through them and then I opened up a new watch. The time read 3am. I think I had a quick sneak downstairs to check the living room clock to confirm that it was the correct time. Back to sleep it was then…

Being in Paris Around Christmas Time

In my first year of university I had the chance to go to Paris for a photography convention. It was late November, so not quite Christmas but everything was decorated! It was such a fun few days and I loved seeing the Eiffel Tower all lit up and glittering every so often with the Christmas lights. We also got the chance to experience Paris Christmas Markets!

Christmas Memories // #4 of Blogmas '16

Visiting Lapland

Easily the best thing I remember. One year I won a poetry competition on the radio. Yes, my poem won. No, I can’t remember it. I was in year 5 I think, and my teacher had told the class about it and had us each enter. Anyway, I was the lucky one who won a trip to Lapland and it was amazing. We caught an early flight in the morning, had the full day there and then flew home late the same night. We were each given a big snow suit and spent the day walking around in thick snow, going down ice slides, eating food and drinking warm juice and getting sleigh rides from reindeers and huskies! Oh, we also met Santa. Obviously.

What are your favourite memories?


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