Christmas Bucket List // #1 of Blogmas ’16

Welcome to Blogmas! I thought I’d challenge myself this year and use Blogmas as a way to really get me writing and that inspiration flowing. I’ve never done it before but I’ve always enjoyed reading others’ posts. I’ll be posting daily up until the 25th December so buckle up and enjoy! Not every post will be Christmas related, but most will I guess.

Christmas Bucket List // #1 of Blogmas '16

First post? My Christmas Bucket list! I’ve been thinking over the past month or so that I really want to make the most of this Christmas. I’m getting old (okay I feel old), I want to get properly in the spirit and I just want to make this month a little more exciting. I just love Christmas okay?

Christmas Bucket List:

  • Complete Blogmas
  • Watch all Home Alone films
  • Make peppermint bark
  • Go to the Manchester Christmas Market
  • Attend Christmas Eve Park Run
  • Attend New Years Day Park Run
  • Read three books

Complete Blogmas is an obvious one really. I don’t want to start it and not finish (though I am aware it could definitely happen…) so planning, preparation and organisation are going to be super important over the next couple of weeks. A few posts have been pre-written and scheduled already, and some will be based on things that I complete on this list – like making peppermint bark and going to the Manchester Christmas Market. Last year I made peppermint bark for the first time ever and it was soooo tasty, so that one is a necessity obviously. Manchester Markets are always lovely to visit and this year I’m going with friends from work so that will be good.

Who here likes Home Alone? I haven’t watched them in probably 10 years or so, and I can’t remember the later ones being much good to be honest, but I tell myself I’m gonna re-watch every year and never do. I’m thinking just the first three – didn’t realise so many more had been made!

And finally, attending the Park Run events over Christmas. I should be off Christmas Eve (first choice) so running that one shouldn’t be a problem. I’m getting a new running watch for Christmas so I am actually planning on running on Christmas Day too. Never done that before!

The New Years Day runs are a little tricky. Now there’s a double event with two of my locals sort of teaming up. The first starts at 9am, and my usual one starts at 10:30am so I would be able to make both. Problem is, I should be working New Years Day and it will most likely be an open. If so, this obviously can’t be done. It’s still a maybe because I might have to work New Years Eve instead so should get the day off. Confusing, but yeah.

Read three books – just because. I’ve mentioned it many times before, but I’ve really struggled with reading this year. It’s getting more and more unlikely that I’ll hit my goodreads goal but you know, I’m still going for it. At least, in my head I am.

Have you got any Christmassy plans? If you’re also doing Blogmas, I’d love to follow along so leave links!


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