Christmas Box of Lame // #22 of Blogmas ’16

Merry Christmas all! It’s Christmas Eve and I won’t be posting tomorrow so I just wanted to say I hope you all have a lovely day with family/friends! As it’s Christmas Eve, I thought I’d share with you the amazing Christmas themed Box of Lame!


Over the past few months I’ve seen so many people getting the Box of Lame and always told myself I needed to get one because they actually look amazing. Well when I spotted the Christmas one I figured you know, why not treat myself?! And that I did… It arrived the other day and I just love everything inside!

This box pretty much includes all the treats you could need for Christmas/New Year. There were SO many prints (I’ve only included a few!) that I’m sure you’ll see appearing in photos here on the blog… Pretty, handmade Christmas decorations were also included and a few sweets, hot chocolate and tea treats! You can see Chloe’s post about the making of the Christmas Box of Lame with links to all the independent businesses that helped!



Then we’ve got some candles and wax melts. The tealight holder is for decoration purposes only, but I may see if there’s any way I can put something on it to make it fire safe? Hmmm. It’s super pretty though – I love the copper bottom! The gingerbread and tree wax melts smell absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to burn them. They’re almost too cute though…


And we have some really helpful planning sheets. I really love the idea of the kraft paper sheets – things I want to do more of in 2017 and some resolutions. Then we’ve got a weekly budgeting sheet (which I really do need to track this year!) and a to-do list style paper pad. These are all going to come to great use for 2017 and it just gives me more motivation to be honest. Who wouldn’t want pretty stationery?!



I’m so glad I ordered one. Have you had a Box of Lame before?!


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