Eating in Lanzarote

22nd October 2015 No Comments

One of the things that I was looking forward to when going to Lanzarote (besides the hot weather!) was food. Food, glorious food. I’m a big fruit lover, and living in England is just disappointing. If you’ve eaten fruits such…

A Healthy Food Hamper

16th October 2015 No Comments

Last week when I was holiday I got a lovely tweet telling me I’d won a competition! Now that at least was something good to come home to! The lovely Heather (who actually guest posted on my blog not so…

A Foodie Instagram

10th October 2015 No Comments

Have you ever searched through the tags on instagram, and just lost hours at a time looking through all the perfect food photos? Salivating at all the tasty meals and treats that people are posting? I have, and I’ve always…

Where Do You Get Your Protein?

1st October 2015 2 Comments

One thing that people always mention when they hear the word vegetarian (or vegan!) is the lack of protein. Because meat is the only thing you can get protein from, right? Wrong. So, so wrong. Admittedly, getting enough protein can…

5 Healthy Lunches for a busy week!

11th September 2015 4 Comments

When working full time, it can be really difficult to eat healthy lunches all week – the temptation to grab a chocolate bar or something else for that sugar kick is always high (for me at least!). The hardest thing…

Eating healthy crisps?

21st August 2015 3 Comments

I’m not really what you would call a ‘crisp person’. Of course I love a good bag of cheese and onion walkers (despite thinking that onion is the worst vegetable to ever exist. ever.) but given the choice over a…

Beond Bars Review // Health

28th June 2015 No Comments

Always on the hunt for new bars, I was pretty excited when I stumbled across these Beond bars in a little shop in the Carlisle Market! With very few ingredients, these bars are primarily made up of dates with nuts/fruit…

Fitness: Nakd Fruit Bars

5th March 2015 4 Comments

In February, I started the search for a tasty bar that I could eat before/after going to the gym, just for a quick snack. I tried a variety of brands, and then I discovered the Nakd bars. I’ve never been…



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