Can you ever have too many books?

Can you ever have too many books? I think the sensible answer is yes, but honestly I can’t think of anything better than having a personal library room in my future house! Who wouldn’t want one? Did you know you could actually create libraries for people as a job?! I’m not sure I have the skill to make something so amazing, but what a job that would be.

When I moved home from university in July, I went through everything in my room at home before I unpacked. I threw a few bin bags out full of rubbish, and I actually sorted through my books and put some aside to send to a charity shop. I sent either 14/15 books to the charity shop and, for me, that’s a lot to give away!

Did it help though? Not really. I was looking at my own bookshelf last week and my first thoughts were “Wow, there are too many books for that shelf. It looks a mess.” And it’s true, there were too many books for the shelf, as you can see in the left hand side photo below.

Organising a bookshelf

The problem with my bookshelf is that it just isn’t very big for what I need. I’d already filled the very top shelf with CDs and DVDs, and the very bottom shelf is where my really big nature/photography related books are. The four shelves in between hold the rest of my books, and lets be honest here, they were never going to fit in there. Instead of giving even more books away (I just couldn’t) I reorganised everything so it would fit at least a little neater.

lifeofkitty bookshelf lifeofkitty tidy bookshelf

I’d already moved my Harry Potter books onto the shelf above my desk, so I decided to move my LoTR and Roald Dahl collection onto my Kallax on that side of the room. These are my ‘special’ books, yep. With those gone, I had a full shelf where I could keep all my other series books. Everything else was just filled in, and thankfully they all fit (sort of).

All of my different genres are now (more or less) together and I don’t have lots of books resting in whatever space I could find on the shelf, as you can see in the right hand photo above. I loved the colour organisation, but it just wasn’t practical with the limited space I have, and of course, I never liked to separate my series books.

So, can you have too many books?
Probably, but a bibliophile really doesn’t care and will find the space.