Books: TBR Shelf Update.

When I last posted about my TBR shelf (and as part of my 2015 goals), I had 35 books on there that I needed to read. As of today, this is my TBR shelf:

37. Yep. More books.
Now I haven’t actually bought any books myself… (So I’ve done well there!) Two were birthday presents and the rest were review copies that were sent to me! I’ve only read 5 books this year (pretty terrible actually) and I’m half way through Golden Son. Comparing the two photos from these blog posts, they hardly look any different!

Three of the books that I’ve read this year were review copies, one was a book that I bought with Christmas vouchers and the other was one I was reading in December and only finished in January… So I’ve done really badly actually!

Here’s to a better month! Even though we’re halfway through February and I’ve pretty much been reading Golden Son for the whole of February so far… Dear me!