Books: Pretty Spines

I’ve seen this on booktube in a few different videos, and I just thought it was interesting to do! We always focus on the front cover, and quite often the spines can also be really cool. Just looking at a bookshelf will tell you that! Anyway, here are my picks:

I haven’t read the top two books (yes, I caved and bought The Dead Wife’s Handbook after my last book post…) but I do really love the spines! Paper Swans is just so pretty and I love how ‘swans’ is sort of wrapped in flowers. Following on the with flowers theme, the bright flowers on the blue really stand out to me on The Dead Wife’s Handbook. It just looks quite cheerful, which confuses me a little considering the title ;) You’re The One That I Want is also just so colourful, and I love the contrast between the pink, blue and black.

I love my copy of The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night-time because of the night scene. The moon and the stars, as well as the cool font in the title really all come together! Finally, I included The Book Thief because I just love how simple it is with the colours and the image of death is great.

What do you think about these spines? Do you have favourites?