Books in March ’16

So I read a grand total of 8 new books, and 1 re-read during March. I only managed 5 throughout both January and February, so this is huge. Of course, it was helped by me being on holiday for a week – that was 5 books down! With there being so many, I thought I’d just do a quick overview of my thoughts for each one. I know I posted one last week, but I don’t really want to be posting a lot of them on my blog, so the big reviews are reserved for special books! Enjoy my random thoughts…

Books Read in March

GIRL ON THE TRAIN 2/5 // I actually started this one in February, and it took me weeks to read. It was slow, very slow. I didn’t really find any of the characters likeable, I couldn’t relate to them and I don’t feel like I was able to empathise with them. Plus, Rachel seemed like an unreliable narrator. The last 100 pages got better, when everything was unravelling and the action appeared. I didn’t guess the ending until it was unravelled, so I guess that’s something!

HALF BAD & HALF WILD 3/5 // I thought the pacing in Half Bad was really good – it never felt too slow. I definitely found it a lot easier to get into the second time round, possibly because I knew the characters even though I couldn’t really remember them. Would have liked a little more backstory. Half Wild followed on well. The pace was a lot faster in this one, and we had a lot more action. I really liked the concepts and ideas, and I’m glad we learnt a little more about gifts. I liked the bromance more than I liked the romance.

IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU 4/5 // Initially, I wasn’t sure I’d get into this one. I realised that was possibly because it was written in third person, and it felt a little strange. The characters were mostly likeable. Could see the love triangle forming, but it wasn’t completely cliche. I think I liked it mostly because of her job role – working in PR and marketing. Yeah, that was funny. I actually really liked this when reading it, and I think it was the writing style in the end. My notes are illegible so I can’t really remember what I thought because it was 3 weeks ago.

SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE 4/5 // List of things to do over summer – yep, that’s me immediately drawn in. Gotta love a good list, right? I was curious about Sloane and I thought that mystery was enough to keep me reading. The character development was good – it was nice to see Emily develop within the new friendship group. I also liked the fact that it included running. I want to meet a guy and run with him. Yes please. A few decisions annoyed me, as they usually do within romances, but yeah this just made me wish I was a teenager in the US. A feel-good book with a few emotions mixed in.

SECOND CHANCE SUMMER 4/5 // This one makes you really value friendship and family. I loved the dynamic between certain characters and how this story wasn’t all easy and happy. Definitely a bittersweet ending… There’s something at the end actually that I think would work perfectly in future novellas, and I’d love that! Easy to read – think Nicholas Sparks but YA.

THE ROSIE PROJECT 3/5 // I didn’t love this. I thought the concept was great, and the writing style just absolute perfection for the character, but this is why I found it a struggle to read. I just didn’t gel with it. I would say I liked it, but it wouldn’t be top of my recommendations. I gave it 3 stars because I do think the writing itself was brilliant.

THE NIGHT THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING 4/5 // I won’t go too into this one, because I posted a review of this one last week. It was good though, and I didn’t want to put it down.

SPRING 4/5 // Well this is the book that my story was published in, and with Spring finally here I needed to finish it! If you’re a nature lover, this book is perfect for you. Filled with stories and diary pieces from classic writers, professional nature writers and nature lovers, there’s a huge variety of topics and writing styles in there. I personally could tell when it was older writing – there’s just something about them that stands out – but others have said they couldn’t. Well worth a read though!

So that’s what I read in March. There are still a couple of days left, but I’m working evenings all week so I know I won’t get much more reading done… How’s your March been?


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