Books: Halloween Reads Wishlist

As we’re getting closer to Halloween, I thought I would set myself a little challenge of reading some spooky books! Horror isn’t generally a genre that I read, so I really want to try some out. I’ve been watching videos on booktube and have seen a few that sounded interesting, and I’ve also had a look on Goodreads to build up a sort of ‘wishlist’. I won’t read all of these books this month, but I’ll hopefully read a few – and any others that you would recommend!

All photos link to the book pages, so you can check them out on there!

Some of these books are already on my TBR list: The Shining, The Woman in Black, The Girl with All the Gifts, Asylum (and Sanctum). Not sure how spooky each would be (The Woman in Black was a terrifying film to see in cinema!) but they sound interesting! Of course, The Shining is just there because the film is a classic and I feel like I should read the book too!

With the other books, I literally just discovered them. I have read previous books by Joe Hill and Patrick Ness, so I know I’ll most likely enjoy the writing. (Though I wasn’t a fan of Horns on the whole!) The two books sound interesting, especially the Joe Hill one! The Fall sounded interesting and Dark Matter is just a really random one that I spotted on a Goodreads list – it sounds pretty spooky, and the reviews are good!

Have you read any of these? Enjoy them, hate them? I’d love some recommendations if you have any – I want to be scared this Halloween!