Books for a Relaxing Beach Holiday

lifeofkitty bookshelf

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it on here, but on Sunday I’m off to Lanzarote for a week! It’s been a while since I’ve been abroad (not counting Finland because that wasn’t really a ‘holiday’) and I really cannot wait! I need to live in a hot country. I’m not made for the cold weather.

As always, my mum and I have been planning our books before we go – you just can’t go on a holiday without the right amount of books to get you through it. What else are you going to do when lazing around by the pool/beach all day? I’ve got a choice of 13 and I think my mum has matched me. I doubt I’ll get through them all, but at least I’ll always have something. That’s dedication, right?

Anyway, these are the ones I’m taking, as well as Saga which you can see above… I’m on a big YA kick lately, if you couldn’t tell by my last book post. A few of these I’ve been meaning to read for a while, and some I’ve only just discovered – I thought I’d already read More Than This but Goodreads tells me no, so that’s high up on the to read list. The Robin Hobb books will be last on the list, because if I enjoy the first, I’ll want to read them one after the other and I’d prefer to read more variety on holiday! That’s why I’ve chosen this selection. There’s a good range of themes here: YA fantasy/alien thingy, general romance/contemporary, mental health, paranormal, sci-fi/dystopia, adult romance/contemporary and thriller.

lifeofkitty bookshelf

Anyone read any of these? I obviously won’t be spending all of my time reading, but you do get a lot of those spare moments when on holiday so I’ll definitely get through more than half I reckon. I just can’t wait to go now!
Packing starts tomorrow…