Books: Book Ban Failure

I was doing well. I really was. January and February = no books. March = 5 books. So bad… We’re only half way through the month!

Okay so at the beginning of the month I decided I needed a new recipe book. As you may have read in an earlier post, I’ve been eating vegetarian, and I just needed some new ideas. Looking through a book is so much easier than trawling through recipes online! The book I bought was only £1.99 from The Works, so not too bad really.

March also brought the Words by the Water Festival (it’s still on!), and I went to three talks. The first one was Wild Running by Richard Askwith, and I recently reviewed his book. I loved his talk so much, that I decided I needed his first book so I bought that at the festival and got it signed! The second talk was Trees by Max Adams, and again I loved his talk. It was just captivating. I bought his book too (got it signed!), and this was the most expensive at £14.99. It was a hardback though, and it’s a really informative and useful book. The third talk was H is for Hawks by Helen Macdonald, and I managed to use my self-restraint and not buy this book – but I will do eventually! It sounded great, and I’m dying to read it.

The other two books? I actually managed to find some of the 80p Penguin classics! I love the Brothers Grimm stories, so when I spotted this one I had to have it! The other has some really nice quotes and messages in it and I just couldn’t leave it behind. I’d love to pick up some more of these, and at 80p you can’t feel too bad about it!

As of now though, I’m putting myself back on my book buying ban! I need to get through the books on my shelf.