Book Review: Two Weddings and a Baby*

image– Scarlett Bailey

Tamsyn Thorne has not been back to her home town of Poldore for five long years. But now her brother, Ruan, is about to get married and she has no excuses left. Her plans to arrive in Cornwall looking chic and successful are dashed when a huge storm turns her from fashion goddess to a drowned rat. Worse, she ends up insulting the local hunky vicar – and then finds a tiny baby abandoned in his churchyard…

My thoughts:
I’ll start by saying that I haven’t actually read any other Scarlett Bailey books, though from looking on Goodreads I see that they’re all Christmas books! I did read that other books are set in Poldore, as this one is, though I couldn’t tell which from any synopsis’ that I read. (I’ve only read Lessons in Laughing Out Loud under her real name too!)

Anyway, in Two Weddings and a Baby we’re following Tamsyn as she attends her brother’s wedding. Currently living in Paris, Tamsyn isn’t happy with having to travel back to Poldore, especially considering she hasn’t spoken to her brother for years. Of course, Tamsyn turns up in Poldore and things immediately take a turn for the worse. She meets a gorgeous vicar, manages to insult him and then happens to find an abandoned baby outside of his church. With the village flooding, everyone makes their way to a safe building, and we basically see how the village comes together in this time of crisis.

I would say this book was pretty predictable, but then I think I’m just pretty good and knowing what’s going to happen in ‘chick lit’ type books! The romance was sort of inevitable, and you knew it would happen from the beginning. What I did like was that it wasn’t a lovely, happy love story. The characters’ stories had twists and each person had a little more depth to them than I expected. We found out pretty early on why Tamsyn wasn’t speaking to her brother Ruan, so that wasn’t really a mystery throughout.

Two Weddings and a Baby was really about a group of people all coming together in a crisis and helping each other to rebuild their lives. It was a good message about being part of a community, and it makes me wish I lived in a little village! Romance is definitely a theme running throughout the book but I wouldn’t say it is the main one. Definitely an easy read, but one that had me laughing throughout and shed a little tear at the end!

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*Thanks to Random House UK, Ebury Press for the review copy!