Book Review: Pets Aplenty*

image– Malcolm D. Welshman

Join novice vet, Paul Mitchell, in a further six months of hilarious escapades he experiences while working at Prospect House Veterinary Hospital. He’s confronted by a ravenous pig while sunbathing naked in a cornfield. He locks jaws with a caiman with scale rot and battles with Doug, a vicious miniature donkey that’s always sinking his teeth into him. It ends with a Christmas pet blessing which erupts into pandemonium as frightened pets and owners scatter through the pews. Throughout his adventures, Paul is loyally supported by the team at the hospital – in particular Beryl, the elderly one-eyed receptionist, and, Lucy the junior nurse – together with whom he shares this merry-go-round of mayhem. It’s a gripping, fast page-turner that’s guaranteed to keep animal lovers entranced.

My thoughts:
This book is similar to the memoir styles that I’ve read recently, only the story was completely fictional. We meet Paul, a young vet still at the beginning of his veterinary career. I thought this book was funny and entertaining, but I do think that you’d have to have a very specific kind of humour to really get it! There must have been a pun in every paragraph, which you know I actually quite liked. Some puns were pretty bad, and most of them on the same level of ‘dad jokes’, but I can’t help laughing at them! I love a good dad joke! If you don’t like puns, you may find this book a little too cheesy for you, and not to your taste at all! ;)

The characters were fun, and although I haven’t read the first two books in this series following Paul, I wasn’t too confused with them. I didn’t know all the backgrounds, but when we met people, they were sort of introduced by Paul remembering a funny memory or having some sort of gossip for them which I thought worked well. You really got an idea of the type of place he lives in and the people he sees regularly.

So for me, it was a very easy read, with some funny characters and a lot of good (bad) jokes stuffed in there.

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*Thanks to Malcolm for the review copy!