Book Review: Before We Met

imageBefore We Met – Lucie Whitehouse
Series: n/a
Published: 2014, Bloomsbury
Genres: Mystery/Thriller
Pages: 276
Format: Paperback
Source: Bought

A whirlwind romance followed by a picture-perfect marriage, Hannah Reilly seizes her chance at happiness. However, one day her husband fails to come home. The more questions she asks, the fewer answers she finds. But are the secrets that Mark has been keeping designed to protect him or protect her? And can you ever really know what happened before you met?

I really enjoyed this book, and I thought it did very well as a mystery/thriller. Whenever I thought I’d cracked it, another twist came. The first half of the book was a total mystery and I just couldn’t figure out what was happening. I felt like I really understood Hannah’s thoughts and emotions, and went through those same feelings as I was reading. The majority of the sentences were quite short, with nothing too complex in there, and this fit with Hannah’s thought process. When reading, it felt like everything flowed as a conversation/thoughts would and I think that’s what helped me to really emphasise with her.

The Good:
+ The emotions. At the beginning, I felt like I was going through what Hannah was. It actually put me in a bad mood for a little while!

+ Hannah was likeable. You felt sorry for what she was going through and I thought it was believable how her actions played out.

+ Definitely a page turner… I couldn’t stop reading. Last night I fell asleep reading it because I was so tired, but then woke up at 1am, noticed I had a chapter and a half to go and carried on!

+ The story alternated between past and present, and I think this helped to build the characters up a little. Mainly, you get to know Mark as he isn’t present for a lot of the book.

The Bad:
+ I think towards the end of the book it got predictable. Once you’d got past all the twists, it was clear where the story was headed. I don’t think this really ruined the story, but I do like to keep guessing!

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