Book Review: Into the Nest

image– Laura Erickson, Marie Read
Series: N/A
Published: 2015, Storey Publishing
Genres: Photography, Nature
Pages: –
Format: ebook
Source: Review Copy

I received this book on Netgalley, so I read it on my Nexus tablet. The quality of the photographs were brilliant on my tablet, so I can only imagine just how great they look in the physical book. Despite this being focused on common Northern American birds, I felt like I learned a lot.

The writing was very accessible to the general public, and everything was easy to understand without it being too simple. I would say that young children may struggle to read it – although there are lots of photos, there is a lot of writing too!

I thought it really interesting to see the same ‘life moments’ in different birds. We’re told about the initial courting, the constructing of the nest and nesting, the fledglings, the feeding etc. You can see how each bird species does it differently, or similarly and that was really great.

Towards the end of the book you get these maps, showing you breeding times of each bird in each part of America. As I said earlier, this book is focused on American birds so not directly relatable for me, but it’s definitely helpful! I’d love to see something like this for British or European birds! Maybe it already exists…?

I’ve put this screenshot in as well because I really liked this last section which gives you ideas on where to go next. I think more books should do this because it’s nice to recommend other authors, and these books do seem interesting! I know these are all within the same publisher, but it’s still a nice thing to see.

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Into the Nest is published today! 18th February 2015!