Bookblock Original Custom Notebook*

Getting stationery in the post is my favourite thing, so I was definitely excited when this appeared on my doorstep! I don’t really need any more notebooks, but you know how it is…

Bookblock Original Custom Notebook |

What is Bookblock Original?

The Bookblock Original is basically a custom notebook that you design yourself. From the background image, text and right down to the colour of the elastic strap and the ribbon inside. You can have any image you’d like on there, though of course the higher quality the image is to begin with, the better it will print. (So keep that in mind when choosing!) You can also choose which paper you’d like in there: ruled, plain, sketch and dot grid. I received plain, but I think I would have liked to see the dot one!

The cover feels quite thick and stiff, which I imagine will make it quite durable when used over time. I created my own design on Photoshop using patterns and this lovely quote from Walt Disney. (who apparently, never actually said this quote!) I made sure it was sized correctly for printing, but I was still pleasantly surprised when I saw the finish! It looks so good.

I created my image with a little logo on the back for my blog, as I was thinking about using this for blog-related things. That’s probably not going to happen now, but I’m sure I’ll think of something great to use this one for!

Bookblock Original Custom Notebook |

I did a quick paper/pen test (and you’ll see these pens appear in a later post!) to show the quality. The sketch paper is 140gsm, but the other three are 90gsm which is pretty thick. I was always a big fan of Oxford notebooks during college/uni, and they’re 90gsm. So I was excited to see how this one held up! As you can see, all the pens were perfectly fine. No bleeding with the fine liners, and only the light blue one showing through the page a little. I haven’t tried with a proper marker, but who writes in notebooks with strong markers anyway eh?

Bookblock Original Custom Notebook |

The notebooks start at £12, which yeah costs more than just a regular notebook, but compared to the liked of Moleskine (which I do love) and Leuchtturm, you’re spending a similar amount for a personalised notebook. Well worth it if you ask me! You can find the team on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

National Stationery Week is coming up in two weeks, and I thought I’d pre-warn you guys that (if I organise myself well enough) I’ll be posting more than usual from the 25th April to 1st May as I want to take part properly this year! I started this blog with stationery, and it’s how my love my blogging really took off into what it is now.

Anyone else taking part?


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*Item sent for review, but all opinions are my own. I wouldn’t review something that I didn’t want, or think fit with my blog.