Blind Date with a book!

When I saw the ‘blind date’ post on LeeLeeLoves, I was instantly drawn in. Lisa decided to hold a blog valentines book swap. Basically, a group of bloggers were each given a name each, and you had to pick a book for them as a secret gift.

It was super fun, and I received my book yesterday. I got Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. Very pleased! I haven’t read this before, and I’m looking forward doing so as it sounds interesting. The message and chocolate was a lovely touch too. Thanks!

Just hoping that the person I sent a book to is happy with their pick!

Anyway, I’m posting this today as it’s the International Book Giving Day tomorrow. The idea is to give a book to someone. This could be a friend, partner, relative or even a stranger. You can leave books in waiting rooms, receptions… basically anywhere you can think of really. You can even donate a book or two to charities, hospitals and shelters. Giving a book is a great gift, and for me personally, giving a book to someone on Valentines day is a brilliant idea. Being able to take part in this Valentines blind date was great and upon receiving a random package yesterday I was so happy when I discovered this book!