A Birthday Haul

As I didn’t really share a Christmas haul, I thought I’d do a birthday haul instead. Do I really need to add a disclaimer here to say that I’m not bragging? I mean, it’s not like I got a ton of really expensive things that will make people jealous. My gifts this year were very personal, and I love that. Everything is just so ‘me’. Anyway, here they are!

23 Things | awaywithkatie.com

23 Things | awaywithkatie.com

I didn’t actually ask for anything this year besides the Copic pens, because I didn’t know what I wanted, so everything here was a nice surprise to wake up to! Clearly my family knows me well – I mean I guess they should do but you know, everything here is something I love/use and I didn’t even have to give any ideas out.

When I was looking for photos for my 23 Things post, I realised that I have been using my current slippers since I was in college – 4 years ago. How does that even happen?! They definitely needed changing, and my mum being the brilliant mind-reader she is, actually bought me some new ones for my birthday. I hadn’t even mentioned the slippers being old. Perfect timing eh? I also got some new pyjama pants, because you can never have too many of those. Aren’t they cute?!

Next up was a bag of magic stars. Milky ways and magic stars are my all time favourites. My parents obviously know that. Yankee candles are also my faves, and I’m excited to try these ones out. I think I’ve tried the vanilla frosting and rainwashed berry before, but not the others. I generally tend to stick to those that smell of cinnamon!

The main present were of course the Copic Ciao pens. I’ve had a quick play around with these, but not properly yet so that’ll be tonight’s plan! I’ve mentioned plenty of times that I want to practise handwriting and fancy lettering more often, so I wanted some brush pens to use. When you find some Copics at a good price, you just can’t say no!

My brother and sister got me a couple of gift cards (I’ve already used the WHSmiths one on two new books!) and the Harry Potter colouring book. I haven’t started any in there yet, but I’ve looked at the images and they look so good! Definitely a few difficult looking ones in there though… Think I’ll be leaving those ones until last.

I had a lovely day on my birthday – relaxing in the morning, a delicious bean burger and fries from Flaming Grill and then a rugby match. Wigan won, if you were wondering ;) It was a sloppy match, and bloody freezing, but we won and that’s all that matters.