Bic 4-colour vs Papermate Inkjoy 4-colour

I have been using my Bic 4-colour pen for quite a few months now, and I’ve been getting on with it fine! I’m really not a rollerball pen fan. I don’t like the way that they look when I write, so the bic ballpoints were perfect for my daily diary.

Well, I was in Morrisons yesterday, and I spotted this Papermate Inkjoy 4-colour pen! It was £1.50, and having used inkjoy pens before (I use them in my A5 Filo!) I couldn’t leave without it! The best thing is that the colours are pretty much identical to the Bic colours – it won’t disrupt my colour code! They did this Papermate pen in the ‘fashion colours’ as seen, but also did them in the normal colours.

So, as you can see below, the two pens are almost identical in size. The length and width is pretty much the same. I do prefer how the Bic looks. I like the purple, and it just looks nicer. The Papermate is an off-white/grey colour, and isn’t the nicest! I also prefer deep purple over lilac! The Bic looks more expensive to me (and I think it probably was!) in the design.

Despite the look, I can say that I definitely prefer the Papermate Inkjoy! In the photo below, the Bic is on the left. At a glance, they don’t look much different. However, you can see that the Papermate writes much more smoothly, and the colours are a little more vibrant.

I’ve never had a problem with how the Bic writes. It has worked great for me in my diary, and looks fine! Having tried the Papermate now though, I will be swapping to it! I really like Papermate as a brand. My black ‘daily’ pen is also a Papermate, and a ballpoint!