Beond Bars Review // Health

Always on the hunt for new bars, I was pretty excited when I stumbled across these Beond bars in a little shop in the Carlisle Market! With very few ingredients, these bars are primarily made up of dates with nuts/fruit added in. Very similar to Nakd bars, except these ones boast organic produce. At 99p, these bars aren’t too expensive. Looking on their website, the pricing for bigger packs is also very reasonable.

acai berry baobab pineapple apple cinnamon beond bars

The Beond bars are Vegan, Raw Certified, Organic, Dairy Free, Soya Free, Gluten Free and Non GMO, so they cover a lot of diets! Anyone could eat these, and they’re also 1 of your 5 a day! Each bar had more or less the same consistency. Little differences because of the ingredients, but on the whole they were the same soft, chewy fruit bar. These bars are mostly dates, so the bars are soft to eat, with a few random crunchy bits due to the nuts.

acai berry baobab pineapple apple cinnamon beond bars

From left to right

Organic Acai Berry
Ingredients include: Raw Dates*, Raw Cashews*, Date Syrup, Raspberries (4.7%), Raw Açaí Powder* (2%), Natural Raspberry Flavour, (*Organic)
This was the safe bar – I was pretty sure that I would like it because berries are always a winner, and I also love the Nakd berry ones. I really liked this one, and I think it had a good amount of sweetness and flavour.

Organic Baobab Pineapple
Ingredients include: Raw Dates*, Raw Cashews*, Pineapple* (17%), Date Syrup, Raw Baobab* (3%), (*Organic)
I expected the pineapple bar to be quite sweet, but it really wasn’t! The pineapple flavour wasn’t that strong at all, and I think the dates/cashews were the stronger flavour. That wasn’t a massive problem really – it still tasted great! I just wished the pineapple would be stronger. You can see that this one has a lot more cashew dotted about.

Organic Apple Cinnamon
Ingredients include: Raw Dates*, Raw Cashews*, Raw Apple* (15%), Date Syrup, Raw Raisins* (5%), Raw Cinnamon Powder* (0.8%), Natural Apple Flavour, (*Organic)
This one was by far the winner for me. I love cinnamon, and I was impressed with how strong the flavour was in this bar. It wasn’t overpowering at all, and the apple definitely took the main flavouring, but you could taste that little bit of spice coming through. This bar wasn’t too sweet, because of the addition of cinnamon, and it worked really well for me. This was also the chewiest bar, and I think that was probably the apple and the raisins.

Other Beond flavours include sour cherry, chocolate and blueberry. I’m not sure I’ll try any of those, because I’ve never been a cherry or blueberry fan, and quite honestly the Nakd chocolate bars have put me off fruit and chocolate flavouring! I’m sure they’re all delicious if you like the flavours, but probably not for me! I would definitely buy the Apple Cinnamon and Acai Berry bars again, with the Baobab Pineapple just being an option if it was the only option.

* Disclaimer: I was not asked or paid to do this review.