Back to university!

imageYep, I am back at university! I feel like I haven’t blogged for ages! I have moved into my new flat, and 6/7 of us are here. Now I only actually start on the 23rd, but I’m hoping to get a job in these two weeks! I really need the money, and the three day job with the uni isn’t quite enough!

I’m super happy with my room. It’s nice and airy, unlike last years, and I have an interesting view – my window is so big and pretty! It’s a good size, I have a double bed, plenty of storage space and I’ve also got enough space to practise yoga, so no excuses…

Anyway, one of the best things is that I have a really big desk. I’m going to attempt to keep it quite empty, like in the photo, so that I do have the space to work. It’s good because, when I’m working, I can just move my laptop to the left so it’s in front of the TV, and then I have lots of space to write in! The drawers on the left are also very useful!

Today I also received the photos that I’d ordered, and stuck them onto my wall along with some printed images. I really like how it turned out! (Oh and yes, my room is green, blue and purple…)

My first week back at university is super busy, as I’ve got a week block of one module. The rest of the time I’ll only be in a few days a week! Lots of time to plan my expedition… (and hopefully earn money!)