Another year older…

If you follow me on twitter/instagram you may have noticed that it was my birthday yesterday… I had a nice relaxing day, including a morning swim, and then had my family visiting in the evening. We had a lovely meal and I got lots of cards and awesome presents. (I also got two cakes!)

Sherlock season 1&2 from my flatmates, and Planet Earth from my boyfriend!

Harry Potter bracelet from my flatmates!

An owl mug and some lovely yankee tarts! Vanilla frosting, pink honeysuckle and rainwashed berry – haven’t tried any of these before so looking forward to it!

Probably my ‘geekiest’ present… A text embosser thingy. This is super cool. I did a couple of things with the pink tester strip!

So yep, I had a great day and I’m thankful for my friends and family. They all know me so well :3