Book Review: All Teachers Bright and Beautiful*

image– Andy Seed

All Teachers Bright and Beautiful is the memoir of Andy Seed, a teacher who is beginning his fifth year at Cragthwaite Primary in the Yorkshire Dales. In school, Andy has to deal with a student on placement, a pushy parent and some nightmare school trips! At home, money troubles arise, meaning Barbara (Andy’s wife) has no option but to take on a job as a postie; this of course means that their two young boys need a babysitter. Old friends move into the village, which solves the problem for a while… Through many uplifting and sometimes touching tales, this book tells the life of one man, his family and the challenges that he faces working with young children.

My Thoughts
This is one of those books that I love – a professional talking about their work experiences and giving us hilarious, sad and sometimes strange anecdotes. I was expecting the same format that these books usually take on; short chapters, chronologically correct but with each chapter being a different subject; and with some wit in there too. It mostly followed this pattern, but the main thing that stood out to me was that this book was written more like a story. Each chapter flowed effortlessly into the next, and it wasn’t one of those where you could have a quick 5 minute read!

Andy Seed tells us about his work life and his home life as they intertwined which is something that I really enjoyed. Each chapter does tend to follow the story of one child, with something that happened in class, but the chapters also carry on to home life, and show Andy’s family too. We go on many exciting adventures with Andy – sometimes with class 3, sometimes with Andy’s kids Tom and Reuben. It felt like it was written quite informally – as though you were having a conversation – and I think this kept the book lively and entertaining. I feel like this book had a good mixture of everything, and worked really well as a memoir of that time. I think I’m going to have read the first two books now!

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*Thanks to BookBridgr for sending me this book to review.