Adventure: Try something new.

This week has been full of new adventures; I’ve tried some new outdoor activities and I really enjoyed it.

First up was Archery. I’ve always thought it looked fun, but have just never had the opportunity. It was tough on the fingers, and my aim could improve a little, but I was really surprised at how I did. I only missed the target a couple of times, and I almost got the middle!

Then we did an 820 metre long zip wire. Now I’ve been on those zip wires in the park, relatively short and low to the ground, but those are nothing compared to what we did! 820m down a hill and fields, 20m off the ground. I’ve never really been scared of heights, and I wasn’t nervous about letting go at the top – it was amazing. Such a great rush as you travelled along, held up with just the harness.

Last but not least, my favourite, was mountain biking. Cycling on roads is nothing compared to cycling through woods, fields and up and down hills. It was tough – really tough – but it was also so much fun. We did a taster route first, and it was a short 4km ride, with a couple of scary bumps and little (but steep!) hills. After that, we decided to go for the easy 11km route. I’ll tell you something, it was not easy! There were so many hills and we did walk up most of them! Our poor thighs were not used to all that work. Afterwards I was sore (and I still am) but all I could think of was the adrenaline rush as I sped down the hills, moving so quickly. There was one really narrow path down a hill, and it was so steep and bumpy I thought I was going to come off. It scared me, but once I was down I was just so pleased with myself hahah. Mountain biking may seem quite normal to some, but as I’d never done it before it was quite an experience!

As final thoughts on this, I’ve decided that from now on I’m going to attempt to try new things when I can. I want to experience more, and to be able to say ‘Yep, I’ve tried that’. When I get back to university, I’m really hoping to join a sports club/team. It all depends on what they’ve got on offer – I’d love to do running/cycling, but I think there may only be football on offer! If it is only football, I think I’ll still have a go. I played football just before starting high school and loved it back then. Maybe I’ll love it again.

A new ‘saying’ for the year? Do more.

Who knows, maybe you’ll see some more adventure posts? I sure hope so!
Do I have any adventurers out there?