A Winning Collection…

So I was lucky enough to win a giveaway that Michelle at Satchels and Pearls was running. I received the books a couple of weeks ago, and they are amazing! Such brilliant cover designs, and of course – classic books! I look forward to re-reading them all!

All of the cover designs look great, but I think these are my favourites!

Also, just wanted to do a quick update! Have been super busy this week with uni, assignments and working!

This morning I had to film a mini-documentary with a group… We were just trying out mics and getting the sound right. It was pouring down with rain – we were soggy, cold and despite it being horrendous outside we had to laugh. It was fun and horrible at the same time xD It took us a couple of hours to dry out, and we had to do a presentation whilst still a little soggy! Oh the life of a media student, eh? ;)

I’m off on a residential media trip Friday afternoon-Sunday afternoon, so will be busy all weekend too! I am still alive though!