A minimalist Filofax.

With my year 2 university lectures just around the corner, I decided to sort through my filofax and get rid of the things that don’t need to be in there any more. I had quite a few note pages which I could throw away because they weren’t relevant any more and I also discovered that I still had the rest of this years organised mum diary inserts in my filofax, despite having switched to my own! That slimmed my filofax down quite a bit!

At the moment it is fairly empty, but it’s light and I have everything that I need in there.

imageI decided to change my first divider. I have had my Harry Potter one since I first got a Filofax, so I was due a change! I went for this bird one because for one, I like birds, and the colour of it fits nicely with the green! It’s quite muted, and not garish! And then I have my pens on the left, and a ruler (yes, The Little Mermaid!) just in case!

I have quite a minimalistic set-up (compared to some that I have seen online!) and only three sections: notes, diary and university. The notes section will just hold any papers that I may use for making quick notes. It has my books to-read list in there too. The diary section will obviously just be my diary – not very exciting! You’ll see those pages each week anyway. Lastly, the university section will hold important notes for uni. Currently I just have my student number/email, but I am looking to put in a monthly insert so I can keep track of important deadlines/dates.

Simple and not cluttered – I’m quite happy with this set up!