A few points to share…

Just a few things that have been happening/are about to happen:

– I bought two new bracelets, and I think they’re super cute! (Topshop – they were both half price!)
– I got my first assignment! I’m currently getting my idea together.
– I went on my first weekend camping residential, and got some (hopefully) good photos!
– I got the new Mcfly book! (I have yet to even open it because I just finished The Casual Vacancy, and now I need to read my Jane Goodall books for my assignment…)
– I’ve been going to the gym fairly often!

– I’m going home again this weekend for my cousin’s Christening!
– I found out that our first room inspection is only next term! ;)
– I’m (hopefully) going to be reviewing some items on here so look out for that!