7 Ways to Find Blogging Inspiration

It’s that time of year again. Dark nights, cold weather and the sudden urge to just do nothing all day except curl up in bed armed with my tablet, a good book and chocolate. Sadly, I can’t just laze around and do that all day!

Finding blogging inspiration and motivation on these really dull days is something I’ve been really struggling with lately. It’s always just too dark for good photos, and I’m someone who likes to have photos when writing a post – it helps me to really visualise and think about what I’m writing. Well, luckily for you guys, I had a little brainstorming session, looking at different sources for inspiration and trying to think up some new posts for myself!

7 Ways to Find Blogging Inspiration | awaywithkatie.com

#1 Get outside

Doing something interesting obviously gives you something to talk about. It doesn’t have to be anything costly: go for a walk in the park; see friends; visit a free museum/gallery. You may be hit with a sudden burst of inspiration whilst walking about. I actually think up a lot of my ideas when I’m at the gym, because obviously I have nothing better to think about whilst running on a treadmill… Taking walks is good though, and if it doesn’t give you some ideas, well, at least it gave your eyes a rest from the bright computer screen eh?

#2 Read other blogs

This goes without saying really. Reading is always good for inspiration, and other blog posts may inspire you or remind you about something you can write about. Be friendly and comment, create a discussion. Even that could inspire you. It’s also a good idea to look back on your own posts. Is there anything you can add to or improve on? I’ve got a couple of posts that I want to recreate and add better information, so I’ll be doing that over the coming weeks!

#3 Communicate with bloggers

Get yourself on the various social medias (but mostly twitter I guess) and see what everyone’s talking about. I’m not really a big part of any, but I imagine facebook groups are good for this reason too. Even being part of a group related to your hobbies (and not just blogging) will help as you’ll see new topics every day. I find twitter chats a brilliant source for inspiration myself because the conversation really gets your brain thinking in blogger mode.

#4 Keep notes

When I have ideas, I like to write them down. If I’m out and about, I’ll use the Any.do app on my phone, but if I’m at home I will use my pocket filofax to jot down notes. I also have an excel spreadsheet and will take all my notes, put them in the document and attempt to plan when they could be posted. I don’t always manage to stick to the schedule that I plan, but it’s still a good place to keep everything together.

#5 Writing Prompts

There are plenty of books around that you can buy with writing prompts and they’re great for when you’re really stuck. The one I have, The Pocket Muse – Monica Wood, is mostly for creative writing, but it’s still great for inspiration. You could even choose a photo, either one of your own snaps or one you found online. What does it make you think of?

#6 Google autocomplete

This is something that I saw mentioned last week. Start typing something into google, for example ‘Why are books’ and you’ll see a few different topics come up. Maybe there’s something you want to discuss, or maybe there’s a question that doesn’t seem to have many answers in the search. It’s an interesting way to see what’s being talked about anyway! You make this even more helpful by narrowing down the search time period and seeing what is top in the search in the last month using the search tools.

#7 Tidy your blog

If I’m really stuck with inspiration, I find it’s because I’m not really happy with my blog. Little tweaks like changing the text in my sidebar or changing the way things are set out really helps me. It makes my blog feel fresh, and new again. You could also sort out the SEO in your posts, make sure each image has alt tags, fix broken links and whatever other maintenance you can think of – even going back and proofreading posts to check everything reads okay!


Hopefully these have been a little helpful for those days you lack inspiration, and if you can think of anything else I’d love to hear it! I’m sure you guys have your own ways of finding ideas for new posts eh?