6 Problems With Wearing Glasses

If you wear glasses regularly, you’ll know just how much of a pain they can be. I mean they’re great and all – I wouldn’t see a thing otherwise – but they just get completely in the way sometimes. We’ve all been here at some point…

7 Problems With Wearing Glasses

When your glasses just constantly steam up

This has got to be the most annoying thing ever with glasses. Walk into a warm building from the cold outdoors? Glasses steam up. Drinking a hot drink? Glasses steam up. Put your glasses back on after a hot shower/bath? Glasses steam up. Open the oven door? Glasses steam up. They’re all irritating scenarios, but it’s especially irritating when you’re in a public place.

Glasses need their own wipers

Sometimes I feel like I need wipers on my glasses, like a car would have. It was raining when I last did a park run and I wore a cap so the rain wouldn’t hit my glasses too much. I still ended up having to wipe my glasses mid-run many times. I need some gloves that are made from the material that keeps lenses clean… They must exist right?

Shaving is 10x more difficult

When I shower, I can’t wear my glasses because they’ll steam up. Obviously. Without my glasses, I can’t even see the hairs on my legs unless I put my face a couple of inches next to them. Very often resulting in me missing a line of hair. It happens a lot. Also like, is that shampoo or conditioner? I don’t know unless I put the bottle a couple of inches next to my face!

Lying down sideways with glasses

Nope. Not happening. I mean you can occasionally find a comfortable position, but rarely. They just get in the way. I have fallen asleep many times and woken up in pain because my glasses have been digging into the side of my head.

Dressing up as characters who don’t wear glasses

Glasses just ruin it really. This year is the first year I’ve had contacts so for Halloween I didn’t actually have to wear glasses. Winner.

They are forever dirty

How do my glasses get so dirty? I just don’t understand. I’ll see kids wearing glasses with shiny, clean lenses and then there’s mine looking like said kid has fondled them. Always.

Any more glasses-wearing woes?


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