Bookish Gift Ideas!

Christmas is getting closer! I think this has to be my favourite time of year; I love walking through town with all the lights up and seeing all the shops with their decorations and trees in store. I’ve already had my Michael Bubl√© Christmas album playing, and I’m itching to get the tree up. According to my family, it’s just too early… It isn’t too early to be looking for gifts though!

This year I’ve come across so many interesting bookish gifts, and I just needed to share them with you guys. Actual books aside, we all love having that subtly book-related item right? I know I do!

Bookish Gift Ideas

I’m a big lover of buying prints and collecting awesome artwork, and if you look on etsy there are so many different designs you can choose from. LOTR fan? This quote print is so pretty. Feeling your inner Ravenclaw instead? (or any other house I guess) I love the simplicity of this minimalistic house design print. Also on etsy, these candles are perfect for those who love to get lost in a book, with the different bookish scents taking you right there. I would personally love to smell The Shire, Christmas in the Great Hall and Sherlock’s Study!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m one of those people who has to finish a chapter before putting the book down, or at least a suitable page break. Sometimes though, I end up getting distracted and have no choice but to stop reading wherever I’m at, and this fingerprint bookmark is here to save the day – it tells you exactly where you stopped! And this ‘Pause’ bookmark just looks great in a book. You can never have too many bookmarks right?

Any pin collectors here? I only have a few myself, but I think this book one would look so cute on a bag! Bookends are a necessity for those who have to keep books on separate shelves because the bookshelf is just too full (ahem).

I couldn’t do a bookish gift list without including something Harry Potter related. Yes, everyone’s favourite twins (and a few other characters!) come in cushion form, and what better way to liven up a room eh? I think these Fred and George cushions are so cute. I’m really loving decorative cushions at the moment…

Primark always has great printed tees in, and if you’re lucky you’ll find this Game of Thrones tee in your local shop. There’s often Harry Potter, Disney, Friends and tons more too. Not forgetting socks. It isn’t a Christmas without some socks as presents. I think I’d be pretty happy with these Banned Books and Library Card socks.

And finally, if you fancy going all out this Christmas, there’s always this book tent. retailing at a whopping ¬£295. It is cool though, and I’d definitely buy it if the price were a little (okay, a lot) lower.