5 Things When You Work in a Cinema… // #12 of Blogmas ’16

On the whole, I do enjoy my job. I love the people I work with, and I like the setting, but every so often (most shifts) you get those customers that repeatedly do the same annoying things… Here’s just a few of them.

5 Things When You Work in a Cinema... // #12 of Blogmas '16

#1 “Where would you like to sit?” “On a seat.”

Haha, hilarious. Never heard that one before. Certainly not three times already today. Also people who book row A and then complain because it looked like the back of the screen online. Number 1, it doesn’t. The screen is clearly marked out. Number 2, it’s row A. Since when has row A ever been a back row?

#2 People who ask for everything at once

“I’ll have two tickets, a popcorn, coke, bottle of water, an iceblast oh and a hotdog. Oh wait, no I want nachos.” Cue me – sorry, which film was that? Where do you want to sit? Popcorn and what drink was it again? Regular or large? And generally just forgetting the whole order. Seriously guys slow down! We’re not super human.

#3 Those who leave their rubbish in the screen, but try to hide it

You are making my life more difficult. If you’re gonna leave your rubbish, just leave it. Don’t hide it down the back and side of seats, scrumpled up. Better yet, just take your rubbish with you. There’s a bin on your way out.

#4 Having to ID for 15 films, and parents sneaking their kids in

I’m sorry but it is law. We could get in trouble. Your kid does not look 15, do not try to blag us. Same with those who get their parents on the phone – it could be anyone! If you’re 15 but look 13, bring ID otherwise you’re not getting in. Also if you get your adult to buy you tickets and come to the doors for a 15 looking 12, you’re gonna get asked for ID. Soz.

#5 What did you think of …?

Haven’t seen it sorry. Nor that one, nor that one. When I’m off work, I don’t really want to be coming into work. A film came out the other week, and our first showing was around lunch time. I was working that morning and someone I served was like “have you seen it yet?” Nope. You’re at the first showing we have and I’m working, of course I haven’t seen it yet.

What annoys you at work?


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