5 Healthy Lunches for a busy week!

When working full time, it can be really difficult to eat healthy lunches all week – the temptation to grab a chocolate bar or something else for that sugar kick is always high (for me at least!). The hardest thing for me was to make sure I made it the night before to make the morning easier, and making the food interesting. When trying to eat healthily it’s all too easy to just stick to a salad or a sandwich, which could be interesting, sure, but not 5 days on the run! I bought myself a bento style lunchbox and set to brainstorming some food ideas. Here’s what I came up with this week:

Healthy Lunches for a busy week!

The trick is to have variety each day. If you’re having a different ‘main’ in each lunch, then it can’t get boring, right?

You’ll notice that I’ve got a lot of grapes and strawberries here, but you could use whatever fruit you have. I just happen to really like those… and it’s all we’ve had in! A mixture of fruit and veg is great because it’s healthy, and the fruit gives you all the sugar you’re probably craving as the day goes on!

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DAY 1:
Brown rice with sweetcorn, boiled egg, carrots, strawberries, grapes and pretzels.


DAY 2:
A wholewheat wrap with cheese on half and chocolate peanut butter on the other, boiled egg, carrots, cucumber, pepper, strawberries and pretzels.


DAY 3:
Mixed bean salad, cheese and crackers, grapes and a chocolate bar.


DAY 4:
Sandwich, mixed nuts, strawberries and grapes.


DAY 5:
Pasta with veggies, apples and pretzels. (Dates for a post-gym snack!)


These lunches are so quick and easy to make. The rice and pasta may take a little more preparation, but I tend to use those when we have leftovers because then there’s no waste and it also tastes great cold! For both my rice and my pasta I will cook them in a vegetable stock cube, add some paprika and cumin and then it’s good to go! You could definitely explore different spices and flavours to change it up. I actually like my rice fairly plain and with just sweetcorn, but you could also add different veggies in.

Boiled eggs are my go to protein source considering I don’t eat meat (with beans steadily increasing in my meals!), but you could easily stick some left over meat or cold slices in there instead. If you have a microwave available, you can always take ‘proper meals’ to heat up. I know my mum will often take left over vegetables and meat to work! I’m a snacker, so these lunches with little bits of everything really suit me: I like the variety!

My number one tip for healthy lunches is to get yourself into a routine of making lunch the night before. It makes life so much easier when you wake up bleary eyed and tired and you’ll probably make better food choices too. I’ve managed to go two weeks in work now and (ignoring my bus pass), I’ve only spent £3 at the most on extras. I imagine most people spend that much or more just on one lunch! If you’re trying to save money (and eat healthier!), making your own lunch is definitely the way to go.

Hope this has given you some ideas for your lunches! Let me know if you have any other favourites!
I have a Healthy Lunches pinterest idea board here if you’re interested in where I got my inspiration from.