4 Ways to Keep Yourself Feeling Fab

Keeping healthy. It’s something that is constantly running through the media, and you either love the topic or hate it. Thing is, it’s important to look after yourself, not just physically but mentally, and I think the latter is more often forgotten about.

4 Ways to Keep Yourself Feeling Fab

Drinking Plenty of Water & Getting The Right Nutrition

Isn’t this always the hardest part? Like to be honest, I’d say I do pretty well with drinking water for 75% of the week, but I’ve been relying on fizzy drinks far too much lately. I’m trying my hardest to cut down on it now. This kind of care helps your body of course, but it’s actually also really helpful for the mind too.

I can tell when I’ve been eating badly because my body feels bloated and I’m just way more lethargic. Just bad choices (like frozen pizza and chips) instead of getting vegetables and less processed food in. That’s not to say you have to cut all sugar out, eat ‘clean’ and become a fitness guru overnight (can’t get rid of the chocolate!). Just get more water in your body as a start, and you’ll feel the benefits, honestly! My goal is to try make more meals from scratch.

Get Moving, Get Outside, Enjoy The Fresh Air

Now I’m not saying going for a walk, sitting outside or doing exercise outdoors will cure anything. For me personally though, being outside just helps. Last week I was feeling tired and achy, but my head was absolutely mashed from work and I knew that getting out for a run would put me in a better frame of mind. And it did.

I also went on a little hike with my boyfriend not so long ago and we just enjoyed walking through woodland, hearing birds call and looking out to a beautiful view. It sure beat being stuck inside! Maybe this doesn’t work for everyone but if you’re just feeling like you’re overwhelmed or need some space, go for a walk. See if it clears your head. Music/podcasts can help to distract you too.

4 Ways to Keep Yourself Feeling Fab | Corsodyl

Look After Your Teeth & Gums*

This is so important, and I’m sure you all brush your teeth morning and night (one would like to hope!) but is it something you focus on or just do quickly to get it out of the way? I was sent this pack from Corsodyl to try out the new Ultra Clean toothpaste. Corsodyl is known as the brand to help stop bleeding gums, right? This toothpaste promises to help your sore gums and get rid of all that plaque affecting them. My gums do bleed when brushing – not every time, but enough times a week to want to try this toothpaste to see if it helps!

The therapeutic taste described, well I’m not so sure about that. It’s weird and not minty. Not particularly horrible, but it definitely tastes more medical. Like that mouthwash the dentist always gives you. Sticking with it, I’d say I’m seeing less bleeding but I mean I couldn’t say for sure. I already had the Corsodyl mouthwash so you know, I’m not completely new to the brand. It’s a toothpaste I would definitely think about repurchasing.

In the pack we also received a cute notebook, luggage tag and a USB with lips on from Lulu Guiness and these were a nice touch. Stuff like this is a good reminder to look after your mouth and teeth, because we all know how horrible it is to get an ulcer or sore in there, and unhealthy gums are the first of many problems!

Take Time Out For Yourself

I actually wrote a post last year on 4 Ways to Pick Yourself Up – for times when you just need to feel human again. Sometimes work and life can get overwhelming and you just don’t give yourself enough time to properly rest. I’m guilty of that, and I’ve definitely felt it this past month! In the past week I’ve really taken advantage of my days off, whilst in the last month I was doing something every time I was off, leaving my body no time to recuperate!

It’s easy to forget about yourself, but let this be a reminder to give yourself a little me time every now and then. We all need it, and we all deserve it.


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*The Corsodyl box was sent for review purposes but as always I would not write about something I didn’t agree with.