4 Reasons Why Acrylic Nails Are More Effort Than They’re Worth // #17 of Blogmas ’16

I haven’t had acrylic nails since my high school prom. 7 years ago. I remembered them being annoying, so never got them again. Until this month. I could see everyone at work getting their nails done for the Christmas party and they all just looked so amazing that I decided I wanted some. They do look lovely but oh I am regretting the decision. Here’s why…

4 Reasons Why Acrylic Nails Are More Effort Than They're Worth // #17 of Blogmas ’16

I mean, maybe it’s just me being a bit of a drama queen? Like I said, I haven’t had nails done for 7 years so I am really not used to them. Maybe a seasoned regular finds all this no problem! (most likely)

#1 They’re useless for scratching

You know when you’ve got an itch and you just can’t do anything about it? This is me right now. (Actually right now because talking about itches is making me itch. It’ll probably make you itch too… sorry) The nails just aren’t scratchy enough.

#2 Can’t Open Anything

This is mostly at work to be honest, which explains why we’re not really supposed to have nails all year long… Opening a tied up plastic bag? Can’t. Need to open a tub of ice cream? Took me 5 minutes. Buttons on jeans are more difficult, shampoo bottles more difficult. Heck, even washing my hair is difficult.

#3 Catching Them on Things

Only in the past week have I been catching them on things, but I’m guessing that’s a sign of me forgetting I have them on. It hurts. And it’s not really painful as such, more just a big shock when you do catch them!

#4 Using My Phone

Really difficult when you can’t use the long nail as the touch sensitive thing. I keep making the most horrendous typos and it’s because I haven’t realised that a letter hasn’t been pressed, so when I carry on the word gets ridiculously messed up. I mean, auto-correct can be shameful at the best of times!


Why not just take them off? Well it has been 9 days and I feel like I need to get more time out of them. Plus, Christmas is close and I’m going out for dinner so I want to have nice nails… One more week to go. I think I’ll stick to just gel next time.

Do you get nails done regularly?


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