4 Bookstagram Accounts to Follow

After #foodstagram and looking at photos of all those tasty edible treats, #bookstagram is my next favourite hashtag. Tons and tons of photos of pretty books, flat lays and reading. I’ve tried so many times to create pretty book flat lays, but it’s something that I just can’t keep up. Plus there’s all those random cat photos that appear in my feed breaking things up.

Instead, I just browse instagram for hours at a time sometimes. It’s addictive. I’ve studied photography for over 5 years (not that you can tell from some of my blog photography – dear me, I need to step it up), and I’m just drawn to the aesthetics of a themed instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good random personal one, but we all know that they just don’t flow as well and look as neat. One look at my own tells me that – I know my food one looks far better than my personal!

I follow a few bookstagram accounts now, and I thought I’d share some of my recent favourites. I’m sure I’ve probably forgotten some, but there’s just too many! I’m always on the look out for more though, so feel free to send recommendations (even if it’s yourself!) to me. All photos below are taken from the following instagram accounts, and of course I claim no responsibility for the amazingness that follows. Click the names to get to the accounts!


4 Bookstagram Accounts to Follow | awaywithkatie.com


4 Bookstagram Accounts to Follow | awaywithkatie.com


4 Bookstagram Accounts to Follow | awaywithkatie.com


4 Bookstagram Accounts to Follow | awaywithkatie.com

What do you guys think: themed instagram yay or nay? As you may have realised, I’m a big fan. I just don’t know how people manage to stop themselves from posting random photos in between! Maybe I should try posting more photos on just twitter, and try getting my instagram reflecting my blog instead. Hmmm. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

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