25 Things To Do Before Turning 25

So I’ve come to the realisation that I’m 25 next year. Just 9 months away! I’ve decided that instead of looking at long-term goals now, I want to start setting short-term goals. Things I want to do to make this next year the best it can be!


Some people like writing lists. They like writing down things that they want to do, things to work at and dream about. I am one of those people, and I’m sure you’ve noticed this if you’ve been following me for a while.

The thing is, I feel like sometimes life just moves too quickly and you forget about all the things you want to do. Instead you just go with the flow, taking each day as it comes and getting stuck in the same old rut. I don’t want that to happen. I don’t want to be sat here a year later wondering what the hell I did with my year. Whilst I’m still young I want to take advantage of this time I have. Tick some things off my list.

I’ve actually been thinking about doing a ‘5 year plan’ of sorts. Take a look at what I really want to be doing with my life and where I want to go. Basically I have big plans for the latter end of 2018, and for now I’m just saving up as much as I can to put that in effect. Whilst I’m doing that I’ve got some smaller, more achievable goals to make these last few months of being under the 25 mark more exciting!


25 Things To Do Before Turning 25

#1 Join a running club
#2 Travel somewhere alone
#3 Write a short story
#4 Hike in the Lake District
#5 Try a new sport
#6 Go kayaking
#7 Go on a city break
#8 Get another tattoo
#9 Volunteer at a fitness event
#10 Reread the Harry Potter series
#11 Run over 15 miles in one go
#12 Visit three different countries
#13 Go to a blog event
#14 Eat at a fancy restaurant
#15 Beat my 02:18:09 half marathon PB
#16 Try working with a PT
#17 Watch two things in theatre (1 – Cursed Child)
#18 Make progress in learning Spanish
#19 Do something different to my hair
#20 Get an article/column published in print
#21 Improve my strength/fitness
#22 Master the art of cooking tofu
#23 Get back into climbing (bouldering)
#24 Complete an old TV series start to finish
#25 Save enough to start planning travel

Bit of a mixture in there. I know some seem like they’re not quantifiable (like improve strength/fitness and make progress with my Spanish) but I have an idea in mind for where I’d like to be. So there’s that. Some things I’ve actually already got planned so I’ve added to the goal. For example, I’m watching Cursed Child in July, but I really want to watch another theatre show so that’s why it’s two. Same with the countries – I’m already visiting one for definite and a second is about 80% confirmed so I figured I’d make it three for the challenge.

This time I will keep up with this list and keep you guys updated… It’s gonna get printed and placed on my wall!

I just can’t help making lists and goals. Do you have a bucket list?


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