23 Things


Happy Birthday to me

23 Years of me. Yep. That’s me on the right: 12 hours old in my loving sister’s arms ;) Oh I miss polaroids being the norm, I love them.

I’ve scoured all my photos looking for ones taken on/around my birthday, and have discovered that there’s a very big hole before 2006 and from 2010 to now… That’s 6 years! I couldn’t tell you how I celebrated those missing years, because I really can’t remember. Once you get to 18, it’s just another day of realising you’re getting older, am I right? Definitely need to change that though.

This year I’m actually at home – not at university – and I’m off work. That means I can go watch the first Wigan Super League match of the year! I’m so excited, and I’m looking forward to the meal we’re having beforehand just as much… It will be nice to spend time with family, eat tasty food, enjoy a rugby match and have cake!!

Anyway, as I’m 23 today, I figured I’d give you guys 23 things that you might not know about me (unless you know me in person I guess!), accompanied by these throwback photos.

Everyone always seems to want to hide baby photos, but I love looking at them! And I think I was cute way back then. Things started to go downhill once I hit double digits. Whatever happened to my face eh?

23 Things | awaywithkatie.com

The last three on the right were taken on my 13th (that outfit though?!), 14th and 17th birthday… Big change between 13 and 14 right?! I’m 23 now and you can see that I really haven’t changed much since I was 17… Ah well. Onto the random facts.

One of the most common phrases you will hear me say is ‘I’m cold’. I am forever cold.
Casualty is probably my favourite TV program. Best way to spend a Saturday night…
I dream of going backpacking around the world and just writing about it.
When I was in primary school I played on a boys football team. U10 Lions. Yep.
I love horror films, but I’m too wimp to watch them alone.
I’m a crier. Happy/sad/angry/scared/nervous… You name it.
I hate the feel of velvet.
I have no rhythm. None at all.
When I was 10 I managed to break my arm on a bouncy castle.
Dance Moms is my guilty pleasure.
Make up confuses me. I can’t even put foundation on without it looking horrendous.
I met both Nick and Joe Jonas, and am still sad I haven’t met Kevin.
I wrote in to Blue Peter twice when younger and got a badge both times.
(One was a drawing of Lee Ryan’s head on a blue fish, saying ‘I’m feeling Blue’…)
I have a weird crush on Jack Whitehall.
I used to re-read all the Harry Potter books before the new film came out. I haven’t physically read them since the last film, but I have listened to the audio books.
I’m really bad at making small talk.
When I was younger I loved reading books about boarding schools and was always so jealous of girls who were at them.
(Twins at St Clares/Malory Towers anyone?!)
When I was in year 5, everyone in my class entered a radio competition and my poem won the whole thing. I got a phonecall from the radio station and won a trip to Lapland!
My mum and I watched the Blood Brothers musical three years in a row when it toured in Manchester.
I don’t like jam or cream, so birthday cake has got to be chocolate for me.
I’m pretty terrible at video games where you have to actually think about things and be able to shoot.
But I can build a mean Sims house…
If I had to stick to one book genre for the rest of my life, I’d probably choose crime/detective style.