22 Facts About Me

Reading blogs allows me to indulge in my nosy self. I love to read about people, and see what they’ve been up to. Blogging is like having lots of friends that you just don’t see often… right? I’ve had a few new followers recently, and I figured that it was time I wrote about myself. It has been a while since I did a facts posts, and I don’t really post about myself in general on here – though I’m sure you can see what I’m generally interested in through what I post about. So, to give a little background, here are 22 random facts about me:

I have done 18 years in education and now I’m finished.
I like having routine.
If I don’t plan things ahead, I will panic.
I am a cat person, completely.

I love Milky Ways.
I don’t particularly like tea. I mean, a fruit tea, yes. A normal tea, no thanks!
I don’t like coffee either.
I am a terrible baker.
Given the choice of a sweet dessert or a cheese board, I would choose cheese every time.

Keeping active is what keeps me sane.
I like to lift weights in the gym.
Rugby League is my favourite sport to watch. I love it.
I love a good mario karts tournament.
I constantly have a book on the go.

27 Dresses is one of my favourite films.
I’ve never liked Star Wars, Doctor Who or Friends…
But I love The Vampire Diaries.

I have two tattoos and I want more!
I used to dye my hair regularly but have only been varying shades of brown or blonde. (With a touch of red on one side once!)
I haven’t dyed my hair in 3 years and it’s all natural now!

One of my biggest dreams is to go do some conservation work with the orangutans in Borneo or Sumatra.
I’ve always wanted to get a camper van and travel around the UK in it.

There. I hope you feel like you know a little more about me!
(and haven’t been scared away!)