Looking Ahead – My 2016 Goals


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The 1st of January – the time of year where everyone makes resolutions that they inevitably fail in the first few weeks. Well, I actually really like setting goals. I may not complete them all, but for me it sets my year up. It makes me think about what I want this coming year to bring, and helps me to acknowledge what I should do to achieve that.

So, despite loving goals, I’ve actually been struggling to come up with some this year. The thing with goals is that it’s hard to measure your ‘success’, unless you actually state a number or a firm end result. Just wanting to ‘do more’ of something just doesn’t really specify anything does it? Well, I’ve had a good think now, and I’ve come up with 12 different goals:

+ Pass my theory and my driving test. +
+ Be working in a media-based role by the end of 2016. +
+ Open a savings account. +
+ Sign myself up for an online course. +
+ Practise yoga at least twice a week. +
+ Go to the gym or do another exercise (besides yoga!) at least twice a week. +
+ Improve my lifting: main goal is to hit a 60kg squat. +
+ Increase followers across social media: Twitter to 750 and Instagram to 400 are main goals. +
+ Complete my Goodreads goal: 75 books. +
+ Pick up my wildlife photography again: publish a blog post on website quarterly, at least. +
+ Avoid all fizzy drinks, unless at a restaurant. I’m not sure this will happen, but I really want to try! +
+ Run another 10k race. Thinking about doing the Great Manchester Run again, but also want to do the Wigan 10k this year. +

This year I’m still putting my focus on me. Now I’ve finally graduated, I need to get my life on track and that career started. Health-wise, 2015 was a big change for my lifestyle, and I just want to carry on from that, and become even fitter and healthier. It’s not about a goal body. It’s about a goal mindset.

Now that’s out of the way, here’s a snippet of my lovely Christmas presents… I love reading haul posts, but I just didn’t have the time to make one myself after Christmas, and I wanted to start this year afresh, without full posts on ‘looking back’.

My main present from my parents this year was a hot plate because I wanted an easy way to make pancakes… Yep, officially adulting. Sort of. If being an adult means wanting pancakes for breakfast at least 3x a week then I’m down. Anyway, I loved my gifts this year and I love my family!

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