2015 Goals update // Life of Kitty

At the beginning of this year, I posted about my 2015 goals , and I figured that now we’re officially half way through the year I should post about how I’ve done so far!

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2015 Goals:

+ Graduate university. So I managed to get my 2:1! Technically graduation is only in November, but I know I’m definitely there ;)
+ Explore new places.
+ Find work in something that I enjoy once I’ve graduated.
+ Start taking driving lessons.

+ Practise yoga regularly. By 2016 I want to be able to do the scorpion pose!
+ Improve on my lifting.
+ Run the Great Manchester Run (10k) under 60 minutes. Okay, so I did it in 61 minutes. It was still an 8 minute PR!
+ Run 365km in the year. (Currently at 138.5/365 – 04/07/15)
+ Try a new food/recipe each month.
+ Eat as vegetarian for at least two weeks. (I want to try it and who knows, maybe it’ll stick!)
Just going into my 5th month!

+ Redesign my Photography blog – make it into a website! It’s still not completely finished, but it’s getting there.
+ Write more. (Keep my feature writing uni blog updated)
+ Add more fitness/health into my blog. I want to write about my experiences. I feel like I have done this, and there’s only more to come!
+ Promote more bloggers. I read some brilliant posts from blogs that I follow and I want to share those that have touched me!
+ Delve into the world of graphic novels.
+ Finish reading the books on my TBR shelf before buying any more. Nope. Failed on this one! I did well for a few months though!
+ Do more crafting.

5/17, with quite a few of the goals ‘getting there’ and I’m pretty pleased with that number!

So I haven’t even completed half of them, but the driving lessons will definitely be started in the next couple of months, and hopefully the job will also appear soon! There are also some goals, like the yoga and try new foods that I think I’ve been doing pretty well so far, but I don’t want to cross them off because it’s something I need to keep up – a lot can change in 6 months!

Right now I’m feeling pretty accomplished looking at the goals that I have completed. This year I’ve completed my university degree, been vegetarian for 4 full months (and a bit!), and I ran myself a PR in the 10k. They are big goals for me, so I’m very happy to have crossed them off. Lots more to come from me with these goals anyhow! How’re you getting on with yours? Would love some links of goal recaps!