15 facts about me…

Well I thought I’d do some random facts about myself! (And also include some ‘baby’ photos!)

1. I’m not even in my teens any more, yet I still feel like a kid.

2. I like being outside with my camera, watching birds and insects and mammals (which are very rarely seen…)

3. I like to write lists.

4. I enjoy running.

5. I’m obsessed with anything stationery related.

6. I love notebooks.

7. I think Casualty is my favourite TV program.

8. I despise onions.

9. I am almost always cold.

10. I hate being cold.

11. I like to watch soppy romance films and cry at them…

12. I have a great memory for things that don’t really matter. Like an old friend’s postcode…

13. I read a lot.

14. I miss my cat a lot when I’m at University… (And also my boyfriend!)

15. I love Dr Pepper.